03022, Kiev, Mykhaila Maksymovycha Street, 24 а

How to get there:

  • from the metro station Vasilkovskaya: on the trolleybus number 45 or number 12, drive two stops to the station "Residential array". Or 7 minutes of walking. On the right side you will see three multi-storey white houses in the English style, this is the residential complex "New England". The hotel is located in the last, third house, the entrance from the facade;
  • from Boryspil airport: by shuttle bus number 322 (SkyBus). Need to go to the station. m. Kharkiv. You do not miss, most people will get off at this stop. On the subway you reach the station. m. Vasilkovskaya. From Art. m. Vasilkovskaya need to go on the street. Michael Maximovich. And then get as from the subway, one of the above methods;
  • from Zhuliany airport: by bus No. 78 or by bus No. 499. To get on one of these types of transport, you need to get out of Zhuliany airport, and go straight to the stop "Ul. Anders". Take one of the above types of transport on it and go to the "Residential Massif" stop;
  • from the Railway Station: on trolleybus №12. When you leave the railway station building in front of you there will immediately be the Station Square, where you need to take trolleybus No. 12 and go to the "Housing Estate" stop;
  • from the Central bus station: on the bus number 491 or subway. To get on this type of transport, you need to get out of the bus station and go down to the underpass and go to the opposite side of the Avenue. Stop from which the minibus "Metro Demeevskaya" leaves, go eight stops to the station "Residential massif".